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Stole this from Linds because it's nifty! Although I think mine is fairly easy.. but lets see :)

I followed these instructions:
1. open your music player and set it to shuffle.
2. write down the first line from each of the first 25 songs that come up (with lyrics); no skipping because you're embarrassed.
3. let people guess, and then underline or strike out songs as they are correctly identified.

1. Everyone is looking for the dub in this life
2. Everybody's here with me, we got no camera to see
3. When the truth is found to be lies
4. Babe, baby, baby, I’m gonna leave you
5. You are plain insane
6. I'm losing my hair and my vision is shady
7. She turned away, what was she looking at?
8. Been given 24 hours to tie up loose ends
9. We have one chance, one chance to get everything right
10. Now the king told the boogie men you have to let that raga drop
11. Since you went away, everything is looking great, I'm a little bored
12. Must be getting early, clocks are running late
13. If I told you a secret, you won't tell a soul
14. There's a saltwater film on the jar of your ashes
15. Hey I said you're godless and it seems like you're a souless friend
16. Well I could sleep forever but it's of her I dream
17. There's always something in the way
18. Listen to the wind blow, watch the sun rise
19. When I feel too far away from where I want to be, there's nothing left for me
20. Are you gonna live your life wondering, standing in the back looking around?
21. Hearts are worn in these dark ages
22. That's great, it starts with an earthquake
23. Drink up baby down
24. You know there's no place like planet home
25. In my eyes, indisposed

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And now my new, revised schedule for next semester:

10-10:50 - ENG 445 - The American Novel
12:10-1 - MAT 101 - Nature and Language of Math

11-12:15 - PSY 224 - Psychology of Adolescence
2-3:15 - ENG 256 - British Women's Literature
5:30-8 - WST 101 - Intro to Women's Studies

11-12:15 - PSY 224 - Psychology of Adolescence
2-3:15 - ENG 256 - British Women's Literature

So Tuesday will be a bit long, but I love the rest of my schedule.. Yay. And I wont have to take back to back courses!

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I'm livejournaling. It feels really odd, especially since a lot has gone on since I last posted.

Today was my last day at work. It was nice- they scheduled me with two of my favorite people, Josh and Laura, and Nick and Marcus came and visited.. it was a good time. And afterward, Laura and I celebrated my leaving at Olive Garden, which was too delish for words.

I am so so glad I ended up working at the cinemas. I made next to nothing, but I ended up meeting Nick and Laura. I am going to miss Nick when he leaves for Boston. He was a cool kid. Luckily, Laura will be around at UMaine.

My parents completely updated my computer today, as a sort of reward for being an RA and saving them a lot of money. My computer can now handle iTunes with no problems! I am totally loving it.

Tomorrow, The 40-year-old virgin comes out. Kelly and I are seeing it first thing, at 12:50. This has been the movie I have been waiting for since the very beginning of the summer. I'm considering buying the poster because it rocks my world, even though I own a million posters. Perhaps I shouldn't..

I think I'm going to switch out of my 18th century Fiction, Satire, and Poetry Course, and take British Women Writers instead. I found out that the professor who taught Feminist Literary Criticism will be teaching it, and the readings in the class are excellent.. we'd study Lady Oracle again (YES), read Northanger Abby, Jane Eyre.. all books I've wanted to read, as well as study some feminist literary criticism. Plus, it counts as a womens studies course. Unfortunately, it is an english 200 level course, which I don't need any more of (just need 400 levels at this point), but it looks far more interesting than the 18th century course. I'm trying to read Robinson Crusoe for it and slowly dying inside. I think I might ask the professor to become my advisor, as the advisor I have is terrible. I just want someone who is going to be proactive in trying to find a way for me not to take Reading Poems.

I refigured what I needed to take for the next four semesters and figured that I'll be able to graduate in time, and will end up having three free classes (aka classes that don't need to be gen eds, psych, womens studies, or english classes) as long as I take 15 credits a semster, so that's pretty nifty. I'll be able to do that. And if need be, I can always take a class next summer.

I move onto campus this Tuesday.. CAN'T WAIT. I expect you all to visit 136 Gannett. My RD emailed me today, and supposedly Gannett is still going under massive construction.. they have promised to be done with our rooms by Monday (my RD is currently living in Knox). I am crossing my fingers.

On Sunday I'm visiting Linds, which is pretty awesome

That's all I care to share on the lj. Man, this summer was pretty awesome. Lots of thrills, very few lows.. and I can't wait to see what fall will bring me.

Oh- and if you guys want to see anything currently playing in the theaters, get in touch with me. I have one more week to see free movies, and I plan on trying to see as many as possible.

looking through the bars

looking through the bars
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today started bright and early, at ten. i had a lovely employee meeting.

it was actually pretty cool to see everyone in regular clothing. tyler mistook me for laura. both him and frasier both think laura and i are the same person, which is odd, because although we are the same height, build, and relatively same coloring, we do not look much alike.

but anyway, the meeting was about how much we have been sucking. it was funnn. they're now forcing us to do something at every moment during our shift, box people aren't allowed to leave the cubicle, we have to suggestive/up sell.. in other words, all the fun has been sucked out of the job.

oh, and i can't let people into movies anymore while i am working. i can still bring one or two guests along with me to a movie.

at least i'm leaving in a few weeks? gah, i hate upselling/suggestive selling. it feels manipulative, and i often feel guilty when i do it and my customer is suckered in. resist!

so, after the meeting, i had nothing planned for the rest of the day, so i drove to bar harbor.

i love solo road trips. they are quiet and i can reflect and listen to loud music and drift.

when i got to bar harbor, i took lots of photographs, ran into laura as she was heading to work, and just chilled. i was planning on writing some as well, but i was sunned out by the end, and decided to head home.

i havn't written much lately, and i feel like i'm becoming more distant with the craft. it's not good. i need to write more if i want to be published/teach poetry someday. i should have tried to get into that workshop class for next semester. maybe there is still time.

there are not enough hours in the day to do everything i want. but that's all right.

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Get ready for the awesomeness:

March of the Penguins. coming this Friday, to Bangor Mall Cinemas.

Not so awesome:

We're back to wearing super lame nametags.

Ah well.

skywatching through the rafters

skywatching through the rafters
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this is what our roof currently looks like. Hopefully it'll be covered soon.

Now, prepare to be jealous:
my car is so hot right now

We got it in the mail today at the cinemas. Tammy showed it to me and said I had to give it back because we'd probably use it. I told her I was loath to give it back to her, but I did. Ten minutes later, she let me have it :)

Sweetness, man.

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It should be noted that I made the best trade ever today-

I traded my Mr. and Mrs. Smith poster for Jeff's Sleepover poster. I've wanted that poster for like forever!

Nobody agrees that it was an awesome trade, but they are just lame. Because Sleepover was awesomeeee.

I'm really tempted to go buy it tonight for ten dollars at target. Hmmmmmmmm.

Posters I need to get from the cinemas:

-Sky High (it comes out tomorrow. OMG I cannot wait. Unless there is something realllly awesome going on tomorrow night, I will be watching Sky High.)
-The 40 Year Old Virgin (best poster ever.)
-March of the Penguins (shh. Rumor has it that we'll be getting it in a week or so. I=SQUEE.)
-Batman Begins
-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the colors match my room at school!)
-Herbie Fully Loaded (I'm not quite sure why I want this.)

Unfortunately, I'm going to be gone when these movies leave, most likely, so I'll have to employ Laura to request them for me. I think I can pretty much guarantee that I'll get the sky high poster- nobody else quite cares about the kids movies like I do.

What I've reaped from the cinemas this summer:
-Shark Boy and Lava Girl poster
-Cinderella Man poster
-Madagascar poster
-Bewitched poster
-Mr. and Mrs. Smith poster (which I traded for Sleepover)
-Small poster of Finding Home, signed by the director and someone else
-Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants poster
-Star Wars: Episode Three poster (gave it to Brian. Haha, this annoyed all the guys at work who wanted this poster, because they knew I could care less about the movie.)
-Several Who's your Daddy Star Wars 3 posters
-About 40ish shark boy and lava girl 3-d glasses (I swear I'll find a use for them.)

So all in all, pretty awesome. I figure I'll put up the most awesome ones and perhaps give out some to residents. Who can hate an RA who'd give out movie theater posters? Exactly.

And now.. I enjoy the rest of my day off.

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I can't even begin to explain what today has been like:

First off, I worked 11-5:30. I was running late, so I was running out of the car, and I managed to lock my keys in the car WHILE IT WAS STILL RUNNING. Luckily, mom was able to come in and unlock my car.

I had two customers come in and bitch at me about how online it said that Dark Water was playing, and how it was wrong. I explained over and over how we are not affiliated with any of those movie sites and how their best bet is to call our number. And they were still outraged.

But then there was a third woman who came in and who was utterly PISSED. She thought that since the name of our cinema (Hoyts bangor mall cinema- i explained to her how that showed how inacurate those sites are, as we havn't been a hoyts for three years) and the address were listed, how that meant that we were responsible.

So, she left to the bathroom, and I headed over to concession to blow off some steam. I said something to Laura and Nick like, "she was totally flipping out, blah blah"

And then the lady BURSTS out of the bathroom, and yells, "I was NOT flipping out! I want to talk to your manager NOW."

At this point I wanted to cry. Pictures of me getting fired were running through my head. I called Don out and apologized over and over to the lady, who continued to glare at me.

Don came out, and I sat there in box, and THANK GOD she never exactly told him that I said she was flipping out, but she did say that because he's not dealing with the incorrect website, he is therefore frustrating his employees.

When the two were finished talking, Don started to make his way to the office and she yelled, "you need to talk to your employee RIGHT NOW to figure out the situation! Don't just leave her!"

And then she left.

At least Don felt the whole situation was ridiculous, and just told me to keep telling customers that come in that we are not associated with any webpages.

I still feel really bad, though. It was a terrible error on my part, and I wanted to leave immediately after that happened.

So, the rest of my work day was decent. I even got off fifteen minutes early, and I was excited, until I realized that it was a thunderstorm

and that our house was probably leaking really badly

and then i wanted to go back to work.

so the house was terrible. and so from 5:20-up to about now, I've been changing bowls and such, basically non stop. We lost a bit more of our ceiling in the living room and we think the water killed the living room tv. And there's just so much stuff around that is most likely ruined.

Morale is pretty low.

And during all of this hullabaloo, the Bangor Mall calls me, to confirm information on some 1,000 dollar gift certificate giveaway that I filled out at one point. When they started asking me more personal information like if I was single and if I was over eighteen, I asked, "why do you need all this information?"

and of course, at that very moment, the phone went ballistic. Couldn't hear anything, had to hang up. So I have no idea if I won or if they were just making sure my info was right so they could sent it to marketers around the world or whatever.

And now it's raining again so I'm back to changing bowls under the leaks again.

Thank god I have tomorrow off. I need some relaxation time.

laugh and laughing fall apart

red to black in the sun
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i've been taking a lot of photos lately. I should see if I have time to fit in a photo class at umaine next semester. probably not.

But anyway, I'd like to announce that I am no longer single. I'm dating a mr. tim bremm. Its felt like a whirlwind of insaneness- I've gotten little sleep and this past week feels like it could have been a month, it has passed by so slowly.. but it's been wonderous.

This summer has been an insane mix of surprises behind unmarked doors and adventures and good friends and photos and poetry and flirtations and just everything else that comes along with summer.

It's sunny and pretty out, so that means I'm going to relax in the sun and finish Lullaby once and for all. And after that, I'm not sure what I'm going to read, as I have several books on queue. I'll probably start on my english class reading for the summer, Robinson Crusoe. I have a feeling I won't like it much.

Yay for summer and such.

reflections in the handle

reflections in the handle
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i've been photographing a lot. There's something about driving to random places and capturing a moment of life that's captivating.

Three people have named three of my photos favorites on flickr. That's pretty neat, although I wish some of my favorite photos would get more attention. My picture of Nyssa and Tom has 60 some odd views, yet my gear photo, one of my favorite photos on the site, has only 20 views.

I just don't get it.

I got wicked dehydrated yesterday.. I forgot to drink any water and when I did drink at five, the water made me feel icky.. but then I downed some gatorade and that helped.

Two people visited me at work yesterday.. Stephen Kiel (remember him? He was in Alicia and my creative writing class.. we've been talking online lately) and Tim, so that was sweet, since I was bored out of my skull.

Speaking of Tims.. word has it the Tim that I work with is leaving the cinemas, because he broke up with his girlfriend and moving back home. Home is in Surry. Surry= hour away. It's sad, he was one of my three favorites at work.

I'm reading Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk, which is decent, but not as good as Choke. After this, I'm going to read Survivor by him, although I might take a little break from him and delve into something else.

I'm working night shifts all week.. blah. i'm not as much of a fan of the people who work at night. Nick, Tim, Laura, pretty boy Josh, and Marcus generally work days. I miss my regular crew.

And now I will rest before workness.